Prym Knitting Fork

Prym Knitting Fork


Knitting Fork from Prym - This is a Wooden Fork called a Lucet, a lucet is a wooden tool used for making cords or braids, very similar to a knitting dolly but has only the 2 forks, this gives more a square cord rather than the knitting dolies which give you a rounder cord. 

Great for thicker yarns.

The Lucet is made of wood, it has 2 prongs, a large handle and a hole (15mm) for the yarn cord to go through. 

Size 180cm x 60cm.

Comes in card box with instructions.
When it comes to making easy knitted cords, Prym's knitting fork is a good choice.

You can use it to create cords as long as you want without using additional tools.

Thanks to its 15 mm guide hole, the knitting fork can also be used with thick yarn.

This lets you create gorgeous chains, headbands, or armbands with braid-like patterns in no time.

The completed cords can also be used as appliqués for additional decoration on work pieces that have already been knitted or simply as a border for bedsheets and pillow cases, straps for bags and more!
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