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About us

I began practising mindfulness in 2016. I had just ended my career in teaching and I was looking for the new chapter in my life. For me, as for a lot of people, crafting takes me away from ‘real life’ and allows me to be creative, in the present moment, appreciating the here and now. It was when I began to practice mindfulness through crafting regularly, that I searched for workshops and opportunities for me to develop my practice. It soon became apparent that there were very few opportunities locally and, the ones that were available, were expensive and over a block of 4-6 weeks. It was then I had the idea, alongside my husband, to begin Mindful Crafts. It has taken a few years to get where we are but, we now offer regular workshops (when the restrictions are lifted again!) 2-3 hours long that allow participants to spend a few hours being mindfully creative. We have also worked hard to increase our online presence, to share our love of crafting with you. We launched our own range of macrame kits in February. We have a developing YouTube channel, and you can also follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram. Take a look around, we hope hope we can help you create some calm too.

Helen and Carl xxx

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